Viva NoshVegas!

Viva NoshVegas!

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On a Roll…

First up- My sincerest apologies that I’ve been AWOL. The new job is KILLING ME. There may be slightly more money but there is infinitely less time and passion for anything. So I’ll own it, the overtime being good for the blog turned out to be a big fat lie.

In other news- I have some pretty rockin’ stuff in the queue to edit and post, including some Food Blog Forum highlights to share.

Next- truth time. I’ve been so worn out and tired lately, I pretty much just go home to a glass of wine and pass out. There is very little food in my life… aside from the Jimmy Johns my boss brings into the office. (Ew) It’s always well after dark and well beyond any reasonable time to eat dinner when I get home. If the bf is in town, he takes great care of me and does most of the cooking. Sometimes I can bring myself to eat it.¬† These days I only know where my kitchen is because it is where I stock the bar. This is one of my new favorite recipes. I’m excited to share it despite the unconventional pairing. I’m actually in the process of making it again at the moment.

Zucchini Rolls

We’re the kind of freak shows that consider an extended visit to Whole Foods a great date night. On one of those occasions at the new Franklin store, I found this incredible Peach Balsamic vinegar in the bulk section. It inspired my lazy butt to get into the kitchen to play.

Some gorgeous farmers market zucchini and a new “white” variety brought me to this next dish.

I marinated thinly sliced zucchini in a mixture of garlic, olive oil, said Peach Balsamic, the Kirkland No Salt Seasoning I use on everything, and my omni-present Rudy’s Rub. I use both in pretty much every item that leaves my kitchen. They are very versatile and make fantastic pantry staples. 20 minutes was plenty of time to marinate while I cored and sliced some pineapple that needed love. We put everything on the grill and I did some recon in the kitchen.

The fruit bowl turned up one last heirloom tomato and a cursory glance in my minimally stocked refrigerator brought me thinly sliced pastrami and caramelized onion dip. My thought was “Welp, we can’t just have zucchini and pineapple for dinner, let’s give it a shot.”

Winner winner rolled up dinner. For real.

(If that’s not keeping it real, I don’t know what is ;) Sorry it’s not pretty. )

It was kind of a pain in the butt to sit at the table and wrap all these buggers for just a thrown together weeknight dinner… and in the interest of full disclosure, I did a LOT of snacking while I worked. That zucchini must have taken a secret dip in crack because I couldn’t stop eating it. I just cut everything into roll-able¬† pieces, swiped a bit of dip on the zucchini, added tomato, pastrami, and sometimes some pineapple and rolled… and rolled… and rolled.

I assure you, it was well worth the effort. That’s saying a lot from the girl who’s biggest effort in the kitchen lately has been opening a bottle of Two Buck Chuck or stirring Tito’s vodka into whatever was on the top shelf of my fridge.

This night, I plopped on the couch with a glass of Pinot Grigio and ate my rolled up masterpieces with a big old dopey grin on my face. The meat and potatoes boyfriend asks when we’re making them again at least once a week.

If we’re still playing the truth game… the pineapple ones were my favorites :) Sounds gross… but definitely worth a shot. If he’d made them, I’d have crinkled my nose and taken my wine upstairs without dinner, But I made them, and I’ll take ownership that they ROCKED.

Cheers and rolls-


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