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Viva NoshVegas!

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A little more Riffs Love

Please don’t think Viva Noshvegas is about to become a tumblr ad for Riffs, but I seriously can’t help myself. Every week I rearrange my calendar so that I can find them to try whatever tantalizing creation has taunted the twittersphere all week. 

Last week it was the burger. I truly cannot help myself when it comes to burgers, they really are the great American comfort food. Grilled pineapple, caramelized onions, papaya ketchup and Caribbean slaw? A Ciabatta bun that could hold up to that many toppings? Yes. Had to have it. 

I couldn’t meet up with them until Saturday, and then I found out they weren’t planning to serve the burger since it was Mayor Dean’s Walk 100 Miles event and they were only serving healthy food. I’m a foodie, I assure you healthy is not my top priority. I am not above shameless begging tweets to get what my stomach desires.

My prayers were answered, a code word was issued, and off we went to Public Square Park. It’s always had a special place in my memory, the boyfriend and I saw Dave Barnes Live on the Green as one of our very early dates. Jo Dee Messina provided the soundtrack for this one. It was a great night with fantastic food.

The boys had run out of the papaya ketchup which supposedly brings the burger to another level, but BJ promised the burger would still be world altering without. He didn’t lie. It was the perfect way to lure our friend Matt into the Riffs Mystique, he’s now just as hooked as we are.

I had gone hoping for a jerk chicken burrito, but they weren’t serving it so I ordered the Thai Beef salad again. The flank steak was tender and flavorful and the pineapple was a great twist on the salad. The little red splash on the left are Carlos’ house-made sun dried tomatoes in a delicious herb rub. I could have sat down with a platter of them and been content. I took a mild issue with the noodles being a little under, but the boyfriend didn’t seem to mind. We went back to the truck and I unloaded some Asian secrets on them, so if you thought they were a bit more than al dente before you wont have that problem again. The spring rolls will be tighter and less wet next time too ;)

I loathe bell peppers and I’m convinced they taint everything they touch (except Tabasco sauce which I could eat with a spoon… explain that one) and despite the fact that they were in every savory item we ordered I was already wishing for a second stomach to eat it all again.

Luckily I didn’t need a second stomach to take down the Lavender Lemon Curd with blueberries. Not too floral, not too tart it was absolutely perfect and refreshing on a hot summer night. I never knew you could get away with serving straight up lemon curd as dessert. I always tolerated the pie crust on a lemon bar just to eat the curd. (what a hideous word… curd) I think those recipes I’ve been socking away are about to make an appearance since this new revelation maintains my stance on not learning how to light my oven.

I’m not entirely sure of the legality of my actions Saturday, but the Tito’s vodka in my purse made the already delicious Mango Black Tea and Iced Chai a perfect Saturday night concert buddy.

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Just another lovely Saturday in Music City.



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