Viva NoshVegas!

Viva NoshVegas!

Food Fun in Nashville, TN

I was so excited to hear about Happy Eating. I got to try Happy Eating after it had been in existence about a week. I won’t give it too hard of a time for not being what I was expecting.

We finally got to try Jackalope Brewery, and Happy Eating happened to be parked down the street at Yazoo. What food bloggers wouldn’t figure out a way to hit them both?

The burgers with wasabi mayo on rice patties ($8) were incredible! They were unique, flavorful, and unexpected. The pickled radish really made it for me. The curried sweet potato fries, not so much. They were just your standard frozen fries but slightly underdone and very greasy. So the fries were a flop and the burger might be steep at $8 all things considered, but they were something that left a lasting impression.

We ordered the Udon ($6) with crispy pork ($2), but in a mix-up got the curry ($6). Unfortunately I didn’t notice until we got home. I thought man, that does NOT look like Udon to me. I couldn’t figure out why there was rice, and I was sure the curry smell was coming from the fries. This non-curry eater was able to take down a few bites, so its a very mild flavor, but not my cup of tea.

I’d definitely go back for the burgers, and hopefully find a cold snap to re-try the udon. The best part is that they aren’t cash only! YAY!

Happy Eating - East Nashville

The Nashville food scene is DETERMINED to make me increase my East Nashville visitation.

I’ve driven by Happy Japan in Berry Hill a few times, and it is so intriguing I’ve been dying to pop inside. Turns out I’ve really been missing out. The funky toy/gift/kitchen outlet is now setting their sites on food truck domination, and Happy Eating sounds promising, even if they are starting their rounds in Five Points.

(via Nashvillest)

Now that I’m officially done moving, it’s time to start visiting some moving lunch spots again ;) Especially one that accepts plastic and lets me eat decent Udon. Who’s with me?

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