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Suzy Wong's House of Yum Groupon

I’m shocked that I have not blogged Suzy Wong’s House of Yum. I was positive that I had, I even took my big girl camera on my last visit.

Some things on the menu are positively delightful, and others make me lament the cash I shelled out for so little. I promise I’ll bang out a full blog later this week, but I highly recommend the purchase of this Groupon.

Nashville (I mean actual Nashville, don’t tell me about anything in Hendersonville, Gallatin, Goodletsville… I’m not going that far) really needs a nice stuck in the 80s cheap Chinese place with a typo riddled menu and an $8 dinner that is serviceable and moderately authentic. Why must every decent bowl of hot & sour soup come from a bistro? 

Until then, if I’m going for frou frou, I want Suzy Wong’s or Basil. May as well go 1/2 price. Arnold Myint’s penchant for phenomenal cocktails hold true at this establishment as well. 

In honor of National Burger Weekend

There is a reason Gabby’s was my first Viva Noshvegas post, and another reason you won’t ever see Burger Up here.

The Tennessean must agree, because Gabby’s made their Top 5 to Try list and they didn’t ;)

Hurry, there are only 100 Groupons left.

I mentioned the Happy Hour app in my last post, I thought I’d give you a brief run down on how it works.

The Nashville Scene sponsored the app, and it uses your location to provide a list of the nearest drink specials and when they end.

Please note, it is not ALWAYS accurate, but it provides a nice listing of ideas for your evening. If you are worried about showing up and finding that listing is out of date, feel free to call and double check the promotion is still running. They make it nice and easy for you on the “Place Details” tab.

You can even email your findings to friends directly from the app. It’s a gem, definitely a keeper.

Here’s to many, many happy hours!

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