Viva NoshVegas!

Viva NoshVegas!

Food Fun in Nashville, TN

Happy Eating - East Nashville

The Nashville food scene is DETERMINED to make me increase my East Nashville visitation.

I’ve driven by Happy Japan in Berry Hill a few times, and it is so intriguing I’ve been dying to pop inside. Turns out I’ve really been missing out. The funky toy/gift/kitchen outlet is now setting their sites on food truck domination, and Happy Eating sounds promising, even if they are starting their rounds in Five Points.

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Now that I’m officially done moving, it’s time to start visiting some moving lunch spots again ;) Especially one that accepts plastic and lets me eat decent Udon. Who’s with me?

Get Pfunky at the Griddle

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The Pfunky Griddle is one of those food experiences that you have to try at least once… like waiting in line at a truck for an $8 grilled cheese sandwich. It may not be your thing, but you should reward the brilliance of the concept with at least a maiden voyage.

It is a startlingly simple concept, “We prepped everything, and we clean it all up… You come eat and enjoy in between.”

While I’m convinced they lace those potato cakes with crack and I stand on the fan side of the spectrum, I empathize with those that believe going out to eat means the food should arrive cooked.

(cooking french toast and breakfast potatoes (2 orders, mine is split in half for easier flipping)

(furthest: buttermilk pancakes closest: organic whole wheat)

The pancakes are pancakes, they aren’t mind blowing, but they are quite good. You get organic whole wheat batter, buttermilk batter, and one free topping for $5.99 a person or $4.99 for kids under 10. Every jello shot sized cup of additional traditional toppings runs you $0.75. Choose from fresh fruit, nuts, and chocolate or pay a little more for pie filling and peach preserves. We were a four top for our first visit and it was hard to get everyone’s food cooking in a decent amount of time. We also went on a Sunday when they were slammed and the staff was overwhelmed. Obviously we found ways to entertain ourselves.

I really think its best to keep your party to two if you are anal about efficiency like me, or just pressed for time. Pfunky Griddle is a GREAT place to bring a date for brunch. Interactive dates are way more fun then just sitting across the table and staring at each other, I promise.

(the start of your french toast)

The french toast ($5.99) set up is unique. Get a plate with slices of whole wheat french bread and a bowl of custard. Feel free to add toppings, the waiter recommended peanut butter and the boyfriend swears he will never eat french toast without it again.

(breakfast potatoes with red onion, cheese, and steak (skip the steak))

I’m not kidding when I say I’m only in it for the potatoes… but I am biased, I don’t really enjoy breakfast foods. These potatoes are unlike anything else. They say each order is big enough to share, but it’s not. You’ll want to guard every precious morsel with your life. Order one per person, and do yourself a favor and order onions and cheese to go with it. Cook the ever living daylights out of it on the griddle until everything is a nice warm brown. Caramelize the onions on the side and the toss them on top with some cheese to melt and you’ll reach spud nirvana.

Order eggs, and you’ll just get a bowl with a whole egg in it to cook as you please. They have creatively tweaked the menu to call it “custom omelets” so you can raid the savory Dixie cup topping stash. Add cheese, peppers, onions, meat, etc… they aren’t shy, and you shouldn’t be either. Feel free to toss out your perceived rules and mix and match as you please.

Pfunky Griddle is not limited to breakfast, they also serve up coffee shop lunch fare. Sandwiches, salads, soups… but you eliminate the genius of the griddle. 

Pfunky Griddle

2800 Bransford Ave.
Nashville, Tennessee 37204



Things to know before you go:

  • You WILL smell like a short order fry cook when you leave, don’t wear your finest duds or plan to go off to a job interview after.
  • The parking lot is small and oddly designed, you will probably explore a little of Berry Hill looking for a place to leave the Vespa.
  • Perfect for kids, dates, hangover banishment with friends, etc… They do not take reservations and it gets crowded on the weekend. Be patient, grab a cup of coffee and people watch until they let you into the party.
  • And remember, only eat your own breakfast potatoes! Poachers are subject to a spatula duel.

En garde!


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