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Viva NoshVegas!

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I moved to Nashville in 2003, the same year Yazoo opened its doors. It has a very sweet and interesting history. With 7 employees in the brewery and 5 in the taproom, it is very much a family affair.

After all this time I had never been to the (either) taproom and had never done the tour. Yazoo only offers cheese plates in house, but they thankfully embrace the food truck scene and always have one out front. We were there twice this weekend for the food trucks, so Morgan and I snuck in for the 2:30 tour after the Riff’s extravaganza.

It is the most unique tour I’ve ever done. My personal favorite is the Sweetwater set up, but Yazoo’s is quite fun. They run on the hour from 2:30 to 6:30 and your $6 admission gets you a Yazoo pint glass ($5 value) and an opportunity to work on your beer gut. Buy your tickets in advance to skip the line and ensure your slot on the tour. They sell 1/2 the tickets in advance online and 1/2 in the tap room day off, so if your friends get in and you decide to join, have no fear, you may stillĀ  get to join them.

There are several stations set up within the brewery with 2 waiting growlers, so depending on how many people are on your tour determines how much beer you drink along the way. You’ll get to sample the grain, smell the hops, check out the new equipment, and hear how Yazoo strives to help other local vendors. Our guide, Kelly, was a riot, and we had a great time despite the heat.

I’ve got to get my hands on Sue, it has too high of an alcohol content to be served in the taproom, but it sounds delicious. It’s named after a Shel Silverstein poem and a Johnny Cash song… how can you go wrong? The new Gerst and the Nitro Stout are my two new favorite Yazoos and the Summer Hap and Harry was wonderful.

Turns out I’ve been saying it wrong this whole time. It’s really Yeah-Zoo, not Yah-Zoo. They are named after the river in Mississippi Linus and Lila were married beside. Another fun fact for you, every Yazoo label is based on a piece of Lila’s original artwork. They hang in the taproom when you first walk in. Be sure to stop by duringĀ  Taproom Hours (Wednesday 4-6 (Growler fills only) Thursday - Friday 4-8PM Saturday 2-8PM) to see it for yourself. You’ll have to take the tour to hear about how the whole shebang came to be.

Parking is limited, so I hope you can parallel park.

Yazoo Brewing Company 910 Division St.
Nashville, TN 37203
(615) 891-4649



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