Viva NoshVegas!

Viva NoshVegas!

Food Fun in Nashville, TN

This is NOT your grandmother’s potato salad.

I hated the stuff until I was a teenager, and I definitely don’t like the soupy mayo concoctions. Mine is light on the calories and heavy in flavor. Even the most vehement anti-potato-salad people like mine, I promise!

  • Cut and boil red bliss potatoes (I used 2 small TJs bags)
  • Boil a dozen eggs
  • Chop green onions, red onions, celery
  • Cool cooked potatoes and eggs
  • Peel and chop eggs
  • Stir prepared ingredients
  • Sprinkle in 1/2 a container of bleu or gorgonzola cheese
  • Fold in just less than 1/2 a container each of light sour cream and 2% greek yogurt
  • Add spicy mustard to taste (1/4 cup should do)
  • I seasoned with Tony Chaccheres, bbq dry rub, dill, crushed red pepper flakes, garlic, champagne vinegar, salt and pepper.
  • I serve with some crisped bacon, basil, and a splash of Tabasco, but they are all optional.

(Then use the leftover Greek yogurt to make a low fat Beef Stroganoff and pat yourself on the back ;))

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